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Make the Gym your classroom

Knowing a couple of things about training certainly does not turn one into a personal fitness trainer. You should be well informed that to become a professional personal fitness trainer you need to complete your training hours with personal fitness instructor courses to be eligible to work anywhere in the fitness industry. The personal fitness trainer courses are said to be more desired than the proper formal degree education.

Choose your Major

In the fitness industry one thing is linked to another. We have designed various personal fitness instructor courses so you can choose what suits your needs the best.

Personal Trainer Instructor Course

Get a better understanding on how the human body actually works in our personal fitness trainer course.

Studio Cycling

Do you know that you can train people through cycling based exercises only? Learn more in our studio cycling workshop.

Metabolic Conditioning Course

Know everything about the cardio which is considered as the heart of the training in our metabolic conditioning course.

Exercise to Music Instructor Course

Talk about Zumba, aerobics or dance, we have got you covered to move on the groove in our exercise to music instructor course.

Level 3 Personal Training diploma

Are you a personal fitness instructor? Do you want to upgrade your skill set? Enrol in our level 3 personal training diploma.

Gym Based Boxing Workshop

Sports and fitness can be an ultimate combination for some of you. Enter an exciting world through our gym based boxing workshop.

Personal Fitness Trainer Jobs & Career

We are always there to guide you after your personal fitness trainer courses end and you become a certified fitness instructor. We have a team of people who are always making a database of available rewarding fitness instructor jobs near you. You can talk to our career counsellors before heading out to find fitness jobs in the city.

The minimum Salary of a personal fitness trainer is £30,000 per annum with benefits.

Now who wouldn’t want to start off with that good of a salary in the most interesting industry in the country? You can easily find jobs in gyms, health clubs, sports clubs, spas, yoga clubs and many more fitness related industries. You can also provide your services in hospitals and start your own fitness business.

Course Funding Options

If you are dedicated then we have the funds. Avail our 0% interest rate funding option to continue your training even with the lack of funds.

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