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Accredited leading cooking courses

Our professional culinary training includes hundreds of traditional and contemporary recipes that are the base of your cooking skills. Our professional cooking classes have set an example in the market for being practical and detailed in a much smarter way. We provide our future chefs with the most comfortable and friendly environment to settle in so they can get their careers on the right track.

Choose What’s Best

We highly value individual learning skills of our students and recommend cooking courses based on those skills.

Professional Culinary Diploma

From extensive baking and pastry to challenging cooking assignments, learn everything in our professional culinary diploma and become a skilled chef.

Food Safety Level 2

Cooking classes and food safety classes go hand in hand if you are towards the road to become a chef. Enrol in our food safety course level 2 to learn more.

Ship’s Cook Certificate Assessment

For a lifelong support in a culinary industry opt for our ship’s cook certificate assessment and become a chef on board. Enrol in our Ship's Cook certificate course.

Job Opportunities & Career Prospects

We recommend deciding what sort of role you want to fit in the culinary industry soon when you are enrolling with us. This will help us figure out what kind of cooking classes do you require reaching your goals. What’s best about taking any of the above culinary courses is that you will be able to find jobs in multiple industries and roles.

Want to make £30,000 per annum? Enrol in our professional chef training courses

The culinary and hospitality industry has always bloomed to bring a revolution every now and then. This brings about chef vacancies in the market every other day. So many new food places, restaurants and markets are coming into being which means more jobs for the people who want to pursue a career in this industry. Even as a junior chef or an assistant chef you can make at least £30,000 per annum which increases with experience and skill over the years.

Course Funding Options

Even though our cooking courses are extremely affordable to enrol into, we still offer our students 0% interest rate funding option so if in any case they go shorts on funds, it doesn’t stop their on-going culinary training.

Why Train with us?

Learn the ways of cooking and hospitality with our professional chefs as instructors


Funding Options

Train now and pay later once you are done with the training


Job opportunities

Acquire proper guidance about Chef Jobs from our experienced team members