How to Design a Super (Car) Website

Recently we embarked on our most enjoyable website design ever! This was designing the website: (let us know what you think.) Although the site is pretty different to the Aston Martin main site (which looks awesome) we had to design something for conversions and not for “design purposes” but researching the cars was enjoyable. But instead of being annoyed at the specs of the job, we decided to write an article on how you can design a highly converting site, whilst still having some good design elements.

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Direct Mail Marketing for Web Design Lead Generation

Direct mail marketing is creating flyers, leaflets or letters and sending them to your clients. There are many varieties to this. For example you can create a personalised mail, with the clients name, personalised information and manually send and follow these up. The next option is semi-personalised mail, these are generally seen when you receive a letter with your name on but there is nothing related to your business, business type or anything to do with what you need or why they contacted you individually. Finally is the spammy mass mailings, that you probably receive on a weekly or maybe even daily basis. These usually look like flyers with bright colours.

All of the above methods have a place in marketing, for example utilising a professional leaflet distribution agency in your local market can actually give you a big influx of clients in that local area. But if you think of doing this nationally then I’d quickly advice against it. In this article we are gonna look at how you can utilise direct marketing for a web design business.

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How to Generate Website Design Ideas

As web designers we are often trapped between a hard place and a rock. On one side you have your creative talent and inspirations, you want to create the best website and graphics for a particular project but you also have to remember the time and obviously commercial impact of this. For example if you need to complete a site in 2 weeks, it will look very different than if you have 24 hours to do so. Also you have to remember that to your client, the website is simply to make them money. That’s all anything in business boils down too. And also don’t give me “what about sponsorships!?” Corporate sponsorships is just basically a cheap and ineffective version of advertising.

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Welcome to GreenLuv – What & Who Are We?

GreenLuvHello and welcome to our website. I’m writing this post to give everyone a quick Hello and welcome to our site and what we do before we get into the juicy content that you have all been waiting for.

What is GreenLuv?

Greenluv is a blog providing website design, graphic and internet marketing motivation, tips and case studies. Unlike other web design blogs our main aim isn’t to provide the best information online, our main objective is to motivate individuals to work on their businesses. The life of a web designer and entrepreneur can be extremely turbulent. We try to make this more stable.

Who are We?

We are a 4 strong team dedicated to creating valuable resources to individuals in the design and marketing industries. Mainly without all the BS associated with the industry. We are based in the UK but obviously this being the internet, it doesn’t matter where you are based, right!

What We Write About

This being a blog, there is probably a good chance we write about something. The topics we right about can be broadly related to Business! But in general it’s online marketing and website design ideas. If (like us) you have at one point or another lacked inspiration when it comes to designing a website for a client or even a personal project, you know there isn’t a lot of information where you can get some truly good ideas on what to do. We hope to fill the void.

We write about the top website designers in the world. The companies to avoid. Websites we think deserve a shout out and generally anything related to design, marketing or business. Give us a chance and I think you will really enjoy what we have to say.

Write For Us

Occasionally we let third parties write for our blog. In the case that you are lucky enough to do this, then we have a few requirements. The first is the content must be unique and not duplicated on another website. The second is the piece must provide value to our readers. The individuals that are interested in what we are writing about. Please don’t just try to self promote your agency as your article will not be approved. Apart from that, we are really pretty forgiving. So send in your articles if you’d like.

Thanks for reading this introduction and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or queries.