How to Launch an Affiliate website in 2016

Affiliate MarketingIf you don’t already know, an affiliate website is a site you create and market yourself and earn income through selling other peoples products AKA affiliate marketing. Although this use to be a hugely popular earning method for internet marketers and web designers, it seems to have been on the slide for the last 12-24 months, and I think I know why. It’s due to the rate at which Google is ranking website now. You need to be in the game for a long time and be willing to put in a lot of effort if you want to make it now, there is no quick way to earn from these sites anymore.

Step 1 – Keyword Research + Brand Building

In 2012 and before you’d start by buying a domain with your most competitive keyword in it. This was called an exact match domain and it ranked great in Google. Then came the Panda and Penguin updates and well to cut a long story short it doesn’t really work anymore. Instead you should start with keyword research and create a list of semi-competitive long tail keywords you think you’d be able to write about 1000 words each on. Obviously you can start by finding the offers first but I prefer to start this way, especially if you go into highly competitive markets such as the ones we went into with our forex trading strategies website, although this gets a bit of traffic now we aren’t interested in the earnings, instead we want to seriously build the brand of the site.

Step 2 – Content

Content is the most important thing as this is what the readers (and the search engines) are going to be picking up on your website. This has to be engaging for the users, so you can utilise the social share features of the internet nowadays, but also it has to be well written from an SEO point of view. Get both right and you will have a successful site.

Affiliate marketing in 2016Step 3 – Design

As well as high ranking website with the correct keywords your site now also has to look good from a design point of view. User experience is a Google ranking factor on its own, which means if people visit your site and bounce straight off it, you won’t rank in Google and worst than that, you won’t make any sales or income, so its a lose lose situation. Instead have a clear and simple design, don’t be afraid to spend money on this if you aren’t the best designer in the world, it will pay for itself in the long run!

Step 4 – Know your end game.

Most people who start their affiliate websites don’t know their end game, instead they are just hoping to make a few quid, which is the worst attitude to have. Treat your affiliate websites like mini businesses. Part of this means you should know your end game, do you want to sell this site in 12 or 24 months? Or do you want to build this into a product business, maybe having a physical product to sell to your email list which you have been building at the same time right!?

There is so much to an affiliate BUSINESS nowadays, more than just a website. So remember don’t bother going into a site half heartedly as you won’t get any results! All or nothing now.

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Top Sources of Free Advertising

Top Sources of Free AdvertisingMarketing is the number 1 aspect people who create a business tend to avoid. “Oh its spammy” “it takes to much time” “it costs to much money!” All very common excuses to individuals who don’t market enough.

But the truth is marketing or advertising is the one thing that can actually make your business. Sales can cover almost all aspects of a business and marketing is the number 1 way to get sales… So make use of it!

In this article I’m going to talk about some of the top free advertising websites and techniques you can take advantage of. These are for the entrepreneur that is very “time rich” but “cash poor” which is quite common when you are starting a business for the first time. You will likely have a lot of time but not a lot of money!

5 “Close to” Free Advertising Techniques for your business

Email marketing – This is the NUMBER 1 way to launch your business. Emailing relevant prospects in the right way can lead to hundreds or sales and more importantly contacts for life! In my experience with our fitness company’s first launch, we were launching gym straps and had sold exactly…..4! In the first week…. But I did all the things in the books right, my product was great, there was a huge market for the lifting straps at the time but yet I had sold 4! I was so naive. But after I finished crying I looked into the Guerilla marketing technique of email marketing. We utilised this technique of email marketing to generate 10 new customers all of which will (fingers crossed) continue to buy from us for life. That’s huge when you first start a business! And although the research and reach out is time consuming. It’s 100% free!

Social Media “The Free Way” – Don’t forget that people buy because of reviews from other people! If you’re seen as an individual people will listen to you! Don’t forget to search facebook, twitter and Instagram’s tags to find individuals looking to buy what you are selling! People complaining about their current service or product are great people to follow and interact with. These are the people who, at the end of the day will go on to buy from you.

Forum marketing – Another relatively simple method is signing up and becoming part of a small business forum and contributing to it. They also have their own list of 101 advertising ideas for small businesses. This is advantageous for 2 reasons. The first is you can promote your business in a non-threatening way, the second is you can actually learn some advice from the great business minds that go on these forums and directories. Most of the time they have golden information for small business owners that you won’t learn from your business books or podcasts!

The Get Off your A** Method – How many times do you see wanna-bie business owners talk the talk but when you ask them what they have done about it, too many people say “oh I was to busy” – Seriously? Your last tweet was about how you loved the first season of Game of Thrones! That’s about 10 hours there you tit! Seriously, you’re too busy? No you just sleep too much, watch to much TV, play too many games. Essentially you don’t have the commitment to really do what it takes. And that’s fine, the business world is definitely not for everyone but don’t for a second say to me or anyone else (mainly yourself) that your too busy to do something! You simply don’t value it highly enough! That’s not being too busy!

Youtube / Blog comments – This is probably the most time-heavy, boring method on this list. It involves manually finding blogs and youtube channels in your industry and going into them, reading/watching and making a good comment. This in turn will earn you a link back to your website or channel and people will see your brand. For example if you are commenting with your brand name, people might think “hmm that sounds good, let’s have a look”. Times this process by 1,000 and you’ve just landed 10 new customers @ 1% conversion rate. The most important thing for new businesses is to get sales as early as possible. If you can’t then, well you have no chance!

I hope you enjoyed the post and I didn’t scare you too much. Below is a very motivational video by Gary Vee who talks about the people who made it “overnight” it doesn’t exist! Put the work in!

13 Beginner Design Tips

design tipsWhen you start a marketing or design agency one of the firs things you must estalbish is your client base. We have had all sorts of clients, random, non-profit, flyer design, hobby and more. You will have to do quotes for almost every industry and if you are a well sort after design agency you may have quotes in the 5 figure range, which means these are huge contracts for your business. BUT one aspect to never forget is the basics. In this post I’m going to talk about the basics for design and the top 13 beginner design tips.

  1. Get it simple – Have only 2-3 elements in each design and never exceed 7.
  2. Limit fonts and colours used. Keep with the brands colour scheme where possible too.
  3. Utilise scaling and background imagery to achieve extra depth.
  4. Spacing – Get it right. Have too little and your text will be difficult to read, have too much and it just looks weird. There is a big difference between minimalist and wrong. Be minimalist but never take this too far. Especially when it comes to spacing.
  5. Use Tones – Gradients and different tones of the same colour help shape a page or graphic without over complicating or worrying about colour clashes.
  6. Clear – Make all your images and graphics clear and to the point. Nobody should ever think WHY or WHAT a graphic is, if they have to do that then you might be a really good designer, but its terrible from a conversions and business point of view! Become an artist instead!
  7. Be unique – Having a unique style isn’t a bad thing for a designer. The client is very rarely right and if you have the balls to tell them, they might actually appreciate it in the long run. If not then just carry on churning out content for clients with no love!
  8. Utilise symmetry of branding – Many people forget that logos 90% of the time can be seen backwards! This is a technique used frequently by corporate branding agencies in the UK and all over the world.
  9. Be memorable – Sometimes you have to create something so simple, it’s memorable… The Swoosh for example.
  10. Graphically design data. Sparkle boring data using info-graphics and bright colours to make it seem like you are FUN!
  11. Research the prospects business – Research and analyse what they do. Sometimes you can create shapes and ideas simply be imagining you are in the business location itself. This is similar to how most people create brand advertising campaigns.
  12. Modern vs traditional – Generally everyone is looking to be as modern and futuristic as possible nowadays, but sometimes looking back to move forward is actually your best bet. For example if people already associate your business with the best. For example “pizza” why not add the classic theme to the branding? Could work. Usually Does.
  13. Trial and error – Clients don’t know what they want themselves so it does take a lot of trial and error from our ends. But we can usually overcome this and prove we are a good web design agency! Well at least I think we are!

For more simple web design tips you can check out the infographic below.

web design tips My Local Services

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The difference between Freelancers and Agencies

Freelancers or agenciesThis is one of the age old debates in both the internet marketing and website design industries. Should you hire a freelancer or an Agency? Seriously this is a decision of most marketing managers and small business owners. The pros and cons tend to always cancel each other out. So what we decided to do was interview 2 different individuals about what they are and why they recommend themselves over the opposite.

Freelance SEO consultant Tom Buckland of Ghost Marketing – Hi, I’m an seo freelancer and I’m going to tell you why they are better than agencies in the internet marketing world!

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How to Design a Super (Car) Website

Recently we embarked on our most enjoyable website design ever! This was designing the website: (let us know what you think.) Although the site is pretty different to the Aston Martin main site (which looks awesome) we had to design something for conversions and not for “design purposes” but researching the cars was enjoyable. But instead of being annoyed at the specs of the job, we decided to write an article on how you can design a highly converting site, whilst still having some good design elements.

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Direct Mail Marketing for Web Design Lead Generation

Direct mail marketing is creating flyers, leaflets or letters and sending them to your clients. There are many varieties to this. For example you can create a personalised mail, with the clients name, personalised information and manually send and follow these up. The next option is semi-personalised mail, these are generally seen when you receive a letter with your name on but there is nothing related to your business, business type or anything to do with what you need or why they contacted you individually. Finally is the spammy mass mailings, that you probably receive on a weekly or maybe even daily basis. These usually look like flyers with bright colours.

All of the above methods have a place in marketing, for example utilising a professional leaflet distribution agency in your local market can actually give you a big influx of clients in that local area. But if you think of doing this nationally then I’d quickly advice against it. In this article we are gonna look at how you can utilise direct marketing for a web design business.

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How to Generate Website Design Ideas

As web designers we are often trapped between a hard place and a rock. On one side you have your creative talent and inspirations, you want to create the best website and graphics for a particular project but you also have to remember the time and obviously commercial impact of this. For example if you need to complete a site in 2 weeks, it will look very different than if you have 24 hours to do so. Also you have to remember that to your client, the website is simply to make them money. That’s all anything in business boils down too. And also don’t give me “what about sponsorships!?” Corporate sponsorships is just basically a cheap and ineffective version of advertising.

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Welcome to GreenLuv – What & Who Are We?

GreenLuvHello and welcome to our website. I’m writing this post to give everyone a quick Hello and welcome to our site and what we do before we get into the juicy content that you have all been waiting for.

What is GreenLuv?

Greenluv is a blog providing website design, graphic and internet marketing motivation, tips and case studies. Unlike other web design blogs our main aim isn’t to provide the best information online, our main objective is to motivate individuals to work on their businesses. The life of a web designer and entrepreneur can be extremely turbulent. We try to make this more stable.

Who are We?

We are a 4 strong team dedicated to creating valuable resources to individuals in the design and marketing industries. Mainly without all the BS associated with the industry. We are based in the UK but obviously this being the internet, it doesn’t matter where you are based, right!

What We Write About

This being a blog, there is probably a good chance we write about something. The topics we right about can be broadly related to Business! But in general it’s online marketing and website design ideas. If (like us) you have at one point or another lacked inspiration when it comes to designing a website for a client or even a personal project, you know there isn’t a lot of information where you can get some truly good ideas on what to do. We hope to fill the void.

We write about the top website designers in the world. The companies to avoid. Websites we think deserve a shout out and generally anything related to design, marketing or business. Give us a chance and I think you will really enjoy what we have to say.

Write For Us

Occasionally we let third parties write for our blog. In the case that you are lucky enough to do this, then we have a few requirements. The first is the content must be unique and not duplicated on another website. The second is the piece must provide value to our readers. The individuals that are interested in what we are writing about. Please don’t just try to self promote your agency as your article will not be approved. Apart from that, we are really pretty forgiving. So send in your articles if you’d like.

Thanks for reading this introduction and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or queries.